Performed in Finnish. Subtitled upon request.

Technical Rider available upon request.


Translation: Jukka-Pekka Pajunen (guest)

Directed by: Hilkka-Liisa Iivanainen

Performance dramaturgy: Hilkka-Liisa Iivanainen and Jukka-Pekka Pajunen

Scenography, light- and video design: Petri Tuhkanen

Original music: Janne Hast and Hilkka-Liisa Iivanainen

Sound design: Janne Hast (guest)

Costume design: Paula Varis

Choreography: Jarkko Mandelin (guest)

Production: Jalostamo Collective, Kiasma theatre, Anna Lipponen and Lani Nordlund

On stage: Anna Lipponen, Jarkko Mandelin, Hannes Mikkelsson, Tanjalotta Räikkä, Elisa Salo

Performance rights: Agency North / Rowohlt Verlag GMBH 


Jalostamo-kollektiivi in co-operation with Kiasma Theatre present


A visually stunning and freely-associating contemporary spectacle


RECHNITZ (The Exterminating Angel)

by Elfriede Jelinek


The reason to create this performance is to shake off the past – this show takes us out of the polite, good old-fashioned or easily digestible, flirtatious theatre. The performers and fellow creators have been through a crazy ride with this one, and so have our audiences.

We believe, that t
he stage must be a place for fresh, bold and wild gestures. Rechnitz, the performance, is just that.


To try to create new means for artistic expression, to remind us not only to cherish things that are hip or cool, but also to embrace things that are truly hard to imagine, conceive or grasp. It may be that when faced with utmost challenge and difficulty, some things somehow change. We make parallels between our own personal histories and the darkest moments of European history. To deal with both nice and terrifying aspects, we use black humour and musicality – we sing and then we dance dance and dance. Call this fresko, or a spectacle for the intellectual underdogs – just know that it is not meant to be understood all the time. Ethically it is important that visions on the stage leak a little bit, that they are simultaneously off kilter and pitch perfect, raw, flawed and yet impeccably performed.”


The script is a masterpiece of contemporary theatre by the Austrian Nobel-prize winner Elfriede Jelinek – a breathtakingly beautiful 120-page play in an essay form. The play’s core is the shocking account of the massacre of almost 200 Hungarian Jews in the city of Rechnitz, Austria, in 1945.

This Finnish premiere and adaptation of Rechnitz (The exterminating angel) is a playfully dangerous performance. Its subject matter is frightening and its endless details and observations cut deep into the core of our everyday life right now and the times we are living in: the ignorance, racism and the inability to learn from one’s mistakes. This production is an unforeseen theatrical quest to not be the most popular or the loudest voice of one’s generation, but the deepest, most ambitious and challenging work on stage.


RECHNITZ (THE EXTERMINATING ANGEL) is a performance about pride and guilt, personal and collective secrets and mercilessness.

It’s a bold statement of our culture’s condition and its perishableness.



Premiere in Kiasma Theatre Fri 15.1.2016 6pm

Other performances Sun 17 Jan 1pm, Sun 24 Jan 1pm, Fri 29 Jan 6pm, Sat 30 Jan 1 pm, Wed 3 Feb 6pm, Thu 4 Feb 6pm, Wed 10 Feb 6pm, Thu 11 Feb 6pm, Fri 12 Feb 6 pm*

Duration: 2 hours and 20minutes (including one 20min intermission).


* Fri 12 February there is a seminar about Elfriede Jelinek in Kiasma before the performance, with keynote speakers (to be announced later) from 2pm-5pm. Free entry. In collaboration with The Finnish Critic´s Association and The Theatre Academy.


Tickets 15/10 e, exhibition ticket included in the price

Enquiries by e-mail: or phone: +358 0294 500 501




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